LEGO Educational Fun!

As a parent, we have so many things to figure out! If you agree that the fun stuff like games and toys shouldn’t be a burden to the wallet and your home, you have found the right place. After a year of research, and moving from California to Costa Rica with 2 babies in tow, I found a toy that was easy and fun and would grow with my children’s educational needs.

That well know product is duplo LEGO bricks and elements. I can not tell you enough about why they are not just for BABIES !! I think it is so cool that the same product I bought your first baby can be used to help educate all of your kids through elementary school and beyond!! I thought it was so cool I created pLEGO Kids Club, an in-school and locational duplo LEGO brick activity. I focus on civil engineering skills and structural engineering designs while teaching vocabulary and encouraging descriptive conversations and collaborations.

Now I have spent the last 7 years teaching and playing with hundreds of students with just this 1 product. I think you will like what I have found!

So much money and so much mess to be given away or worse – thrown away! I know I am guilty of it all. I get overwhelmed and a bit angry at some toy prices. I feel such guilt when I throw pieces of broken plastic away knowing it is just a small piece of a huger mess to be found and trashed in the future. I know I should collect it all and gift what I can. But that takes SO MUCH TIME when my kids have separated the entire set. Mommy truth bomb here. I am not the Toy Queen of Clean for sure!

From the start of my parenting journey, I wanted to do some homeschooling – keyword SOME. I did a lot of research to find a toy that can adapt with age and stay sturdy through the test of time. I also wanted unisex themed activities so my boy and girl could share without gender consideration.

We all know LEGO Bricks and Elements have that covered. But they are SO SMALL – with SO many itty bitty unique pieces make me a little nuts. And let’s be real, only kids who LOVE LEGO sets or are at least 8 years old, will take care of the set as a set – and will cry when they are not a set anymore.

COMMENT below if you know this feeling! And the other fun feeling LEGO bricks can offer – stepping on the lost piece. OUCH. Bad word – bad word!!

I wanted something from the time they were crawling! I wanted something easy to put away. I wanted something I could enjoy doing with my kids.

Most of us have seen the duplo LEGO sets and thought those are ok for babies. And they are quite pricy. I agree. I also did not want cartoon themed activities. I knew once they grew out of the theme, the toy would be of no interest. After looking around I found some absolutely amazing sets. So I did the work, I bought the sets, played with the sets, and thought hundreds of kids using these sets. I have adjusted these sets and activities to fit a single child or a large family.

I found duplo LEGO Educational sets that grow with your kids and can teach S.T.E.A.M lessons through elementary school years. I personally changed the lessons to be used in single family homes and not just schools or in large groups. You can find more of my FREE fun extended lessons at

Let’s check out this amazing set to start your duplo LEGO Educational journey.

Click the link to find out all about it.

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